what is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality originating in Japan that was shared with the rest of the world beginning in the mid-20th century. Reiki can aid in self-transformation, ease physical discomfort, work through and process emotional pain, facilitate a spiritual experience and ultimately bring relaxation.


Anew Reiki is in the Usui Reiki lineage.

Reiki does not require physical touch, but can include touch if the client consents and wishes.

A feeling of deep relaxation and connectedness is part of the Reiki experience in the present, and transformation can unfold in the days afterwards.

The Vedic Chakra system is often used with Reiki to describe where energy is flowing, focused, stuck, blocked and/or active.

the intention

Anew Reiki creates a trauma-informed space for womxn, femmes, queer and non-binary individuals to work collabortively in order to experience the self-actualization, healing and regeneration process.

Currently, in-person sessions are limited. Distance sessions are available via phone.





Creating goals and intentions together, through collaboration is ideal to the Reiki process. What we discover could come to us as visual, audible, metaphorical, symbolic, elemental, magical, physical, ancestral and/or spiritual messages.


Anew Reiki has a commitment to challenging cis-hetero patriarchal, racist, able-ist,

femme-phobic, fat-phobic, capitalist notions of how bodies, minds and daily routines should be managed. However, it is consistent work to counter these oppressive paradigms.


Ana Norell has been a certified Reiki Master Teacher since April 2018. In their practice, they focus on creative envisioning, ancestral connecting, the elements, translating messages from spirits, grounding, boundaries, and pondering anti-oppressive, less culturally appropriative spiritual practices.


Upon attending a group Reiki meditation on the night of their birthday in 2014,

Ana's experience shifted drastically.


Life cracked open and there were many changes made in the months and years that followed: facing and releasing

destructive and self-destructive patterns, stepping into authentic identity, creating a more aligned lifestyle, enacting new habits, deepening work with spirits, developing boundaries and communication in relationships, working through trauma and building trust with their self.

Self-healing, personal growth and accountability continue to be a part of Ana's daily personal energy work practice.


Ana has studied Reiki under both Courtney Cobbs and Tiffany Ketchmark. Their introduction to ancestral connecting was with Kimberley M. Harmon. Ana has also studied elemental magic and ancestral connection with Maeanna Welti.

Ana has experience working in education and childcare, having graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in fine arts and art education in 2014. They have worked as an educator and arts educator with students ages one to eighty, through a variety of organizations.

Ana is in graduate school, studying to be a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Art Therapist.

If you are interested in scheduling a distance session, email anew.breath.reiki@gmail.com

Pricing is currently sliding scale $30-50 for 30 minutes and $60-80 for 60 minutes.


Pricing is flexible and even waive-able for frontliners of the BLM movement, QTBIPOC and disabled folks.

10% of all monthly proceeds will be donated to organizations that support Black and Indigenous, Queer and Trans communities and individuals, such as the Trans Women of Color Collective and/or Real Rent Duwamish.

If you have a good, service and/or you are also a healing practitioner, I am always open to working out trades.

healing sessions

After my first ever reiki session with Ana I became convinced of the efficacy and value of the healing practice. I felt definite shifts in energy throughout my body and mind as well as “colors” that eased me towards a path of healing.” — B.T.

Ana is a gifted reiki practitioner. They are open, caring, and nonjudgmental. While laying on Ana's table, I have experienced profound and healing sensations and imagery that have stayed with me. Each time I leave Ana's table, I go into the world more clear and prepared to meet both my joys and challenges. I would recommend Ana to anyone, but particularly women, queers, and people of color, because they understand systemic oppression and the way they can manifest in daily life.” —  R.T.

“The care and intuitive nature that Ana possesses as a healer gives me a great sense of safety that has allowed me to dive into new ways to approach working with balancing myself as a whole being. They tune into the imagery that I use myself and it feels deeply personal. Working at a distance and in-person with Ana has a gentle power that feels inviting and sacred. If you are seeking someone to work with in your journey, I highly recommend Ana.” —  C.A.

I was rather impressed by how Ana was willing to have an open discussion about an energy blockage and how to address it directly. They are so kind and sweet, reaffirming my own journey to alignment and peace.” — C.C.


"The wound is the place where the light enters you."



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